Bajo Tierra

The inhabitants of Bajo Tierra are looking for allies to stop Parker. Anyone who wants to join them must pass a series of tests to corroborate which side they belong to.
But beware! There is no light in the Underland, you will have to sharpen the rest of your senses.

Up to 5 players
90 minutes
Theme: humor
Plaza Honduras, 60

Bajo Tierra Escape Room

Year 2098. A group of inhabitants of The City Madrid, tired of trading with Lunalina, rebel against Mrs. Parker and march in search of a place to settle and create their headquarters. Thus arises Procyon, the resistance against Parker's tyranny.

After a long journey, they arrive at The City Valencia, a city with an almost post-apocalyptic panorama in which there seemed to be no one. A perfect place to settle.

Afraid of being found, they decide to build a city underground where they can hatch their plans for revenge and prevent the spread of the Lunalina.

The inhabitants of the underground are looking for allies to their cause, anyone who wants to join Procyon must pass a series of tests to corroborate which side they belong to.

The resistance needs you!

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What is the Experience like?

Bajo Tierra is an escape room that will force you to use four of your senses. Yes, you read that right, four, because this time you won't be able to use your sight at all, you will play in a totally dark room!!

Do not think it is a horror experience, on the contrary: this experience is designed for you to enjoy and relax, giving free rein to humor and imagination.

An escape room in the dark in Valencia!

Bajo Tierra is the only experience in the dark in Valencia. You will immerse yourself in a multisensory adventure, experiencing new sensations and testing the rest of your senses.

It is an experience for everyone: family, friends, children... IT IS NOT A TERROR EXPERIENCE and there will be no shock or scare during the game.

We do not recommend it if it is the first time you play an escape room, train a little before to enjoy this original adventure!

What are you waiting for to get into this sensory adventure?

Where are we located?

Los Portales de Kerrick

Calle Serpis 60

Bus: 61 / Metro: 4 y 5

Bajo Tierra

Plaza Honduras 10

Bus: 31, 71, 81 / Metro: 4, 5 y 7

El Coche

Calle Azagador de Alboraya 16

Bus: 11, 26, 6 / Metro: 4