In the year 2093, Mrs. Parker rises to power in different territories, such as Madrid and Barcelona. An empire built on the trade of an addictive drug, clandestine businesses and thirst for revenge. But some of the inhabitants of The City Madrid decided to flee that tyranny in search of a better place to settle, in order to devise a master plan to overthrow it. From now on, they would call themselves the Procyon Resistance and would settle in The City Valencia.

Ready to discover the future of Procyon through 3 experiences with unique and unforgettable dynamics?

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Our experiences in Valencia

In The City Valencia 3 escape rooms await you where you will enjoy different and peculiar mechanics that will make you enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

Travel to other universes through intergalactic portals, test all your senses in a dark experience and enjoy our particular inhabitants of The City.

Ready for the adventure?

Los portales

Travel through intergalactic portals in search of ingredients to create an antidote against Lunalina..

But be careful! Don't get trapped in one of their worlds.

Bajo tierra

The inhabitants of Bajo Tierra are looking for allies to stop Parker. Anyone who wants to join them must pass a series of... sensory tests.

El Coche

Infiltrate the city parking lot and steal the Lunalina production they are hiding before they manage to distribute it around the city. Sounds like a simple mission, doesn't it?

Where are we located?

Los Portales de Kerrick

Calle Serpis 60

Bus: 61 / Metro: 4 y 5

Bajo Tierra

Plaza Honduras 10

Bus: 31, 71, 81 / Metro: 4, 5 y 7

El Coche

Calle Azagador de Alboraya 16

Bus: 11, 26, 6 / Metro: 4

All our escape rooms in Valencia

Experiencity offers the largest catalog of escape room experiences in Valencia.

In Academia de Magia by Experiencity, 2 experiences are waiting for you in the most famous School of Wizardry. Become a magician for a day and enjoy a magical and fun adventure with your group, dust off your wands!

At Colors by Experiencity you will enjoy 4 unique experiences. Adventure, tension, competition... Choose your color and get ready for an unforgettable day!

First timers or nostalgic ones can enjoy our experiences in Classic by Experiencity, where you will find more classic escape rooms that will test your skills.

And if you are brave enough, try our horror escape rooms at Terror Stories by Experiencity. Delve into the gloomy and mysterious corridors of the Paranoia asylum or get ready for intense terror experiences in Evil House.