The City

While in The City Madrid Mrs. Parker continues to enjoy her great business success with the sale of the new designer drug “Lunalina”, many of the inhabitants, tired of her tyranny and living in deplorable conditions, leave in search of a better place to settle and devise their plans to defeat her.

After a long journey they arrived at The City Valencia, a city that did not seem much better than the place they came from, with an almost post-apocalyptic panorama, but in which they saw an opportunity to hide and work on their revenge.

Fearing that their whereabouts might be discovered, they decide to build a city underground where they can live without Parker and his followers being able to find them. A city where only the resistance will be welcome, the new headquarters of Procyon: “La Madriguera”.

Once installed in that dark subway city, they began to work on their project. The first step was to assign a team in charge of guarding and protecting Procyon's headquarters, elaborating a series of tests so that anyone who wanted to join the Resistance could do so by demonstrating which side they belonged to, thus ensuring that no Parker ally would infiltrate and discover their plans.

On the sidelines, in another corner of the city, Dr. Kerrick was building a laboratory where he could carry out the experiment he had been working on for years. A series of intergalactic portals that will help Procyon travel to the universes where he can get the necessary ingredients to develop an antidote to help overcome the addiction to Lunalina.

After ten years of hard work in La Madriguera, they achieved some of their goals. Procyon's allies kept increasing and the quality of life grew by the minute, but some of the veterans became more radical and decided to break away from the headquarters and devised their own plans against Parker.

On the other hand, Dr. Kerrick managed to finish his project of intergalactic portals, now he only needs some volunteers to travel through those portals and get the three ingredients so that he can elaborate the antidote and distribute it.

Against all odds, the theory that Parker had managed to infiltrate some of his followers in The City Valencia to expand his business plan, was true. They discover that the objective of these infiltrators is to hide cars in several abandoned spots in the city and distribute the Lunalina. After confirming this information, Procyon locates their first target, an abandoned cinema, and activates their “Tarariquetevi” plan, which consists of sending several allies of the Resistance to steal the drug from the cars and prevent them from trading it. In parallel, the more radical part of Procyon activates his plan “HastaluegoMariCarmen” to solve the same problem...or perhaps to make it worse.

The existence of two sides in Procyon could be the END.