El Coche

Infiltrate the city parking lot and steal the Lunalin production they are hiding before they manage to distribute it around the city. Sounds like a simple mission, doesn't it?

Up to 4 players
75 minutes
Theme: Against the clock
Calle Azagador de Alboraya, 10

El Coche Escape Room

Year 2108. Mrs. Parker has managed to infiltrate some of her followers in The City Valencia. They are hidden in abandoned buildings where they elaborate their plan to distribute Lunalina throughout the city.

One of these points is the parking lot of an abandoned cinema, where they hide one of the cars used for this distribution.

Your objective will be to pose as Parker's allies, pass the necessary tests to gain the trust of the manager and steal the drugs inside the car. Sounds like a simple mission, doesn't it?

Remember! If during your mission you find an ally of the resistance, you must tell them “Amunt Procyon”, he will help you.

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What is the Experience like?

The Car is an experience that stands out for its unique game dynamics: you play most of the time inside a car!

You will have to solve puzzles and challenges inside and outside of it, so it is an experience for couples or small groups. Will you be able to coordinate yourselves in such a space?

Communication and teamwork will play a very important role!

Where are we located?

Los Portales de Kerrick

Calle Serpis 60

Bus: 61 / Metro: 4 y 5

Bajo Tierra

Plaza Honduras 10

Bus: 31, 71, 81 / Metro: 4, 5 y 7

El Coche

Calle Azagador de Alboraya 16

Bus: 11, 26, 6 / Metro: 4