Travel through intergalactic portals in search of ingredients to create an antidote against Lunalin.
But be careful! If you make a mistake you will be trapped in one of these strange worlds.

Up to 6 players
100 minutes
Theme: humor
Calle Serpis, 60

Los Portales Escape Room

Year 2100. After some time living in the underground city, built in The City Valencia by the resistance known as Procyon, Dr. Kerrick has created a laboratory where he can carry out the experiment he has been working on for years: a series of intergalactic portals.

Thanks to them, Procyon can travel through different worlds and universes and get the necessary ingredients to develop the antidote to overcome the addiction to Lunalina, a dangerous drug with which Mrs. Parker trades.

We need allies to travel through these portals and get the three ingredients so that Dr. Kerrick can elaborate the antidote.

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What is the Experience like?

Portales is an escape room that wont leave you indifferent. Both its atmosphere and its games will make you enjoy the 100 minutes, surprise after surprise. Each time you cross a portal, it will make you crazier than the previous one.

And most important, with humor!

The best humor escape room in Valencia

Portales is a humor escape room perfect for a plan with friends. In this experience you will have to solve riddles to advance both in the story and in the different rooms and, thanks to its characters and setting, everything revolves around the humor and unbridled fun of The City.

It is an escape room designed for all audiences and can be adapted to any group, and you can even request a higher level of difficulty if you want to challenge yourselves!

Make your reservation and get ready for an unforgettable journey through universes of all kinds, we are waiting for you!

Where are we located?

Los Portales de Kerrick

Calle Serpis 60

Bus: 61 / Metro: 4 y 5

Bajo Tierra

Plaza Honduras 10

Bus: 31, 71, 81 / Metro: 4, 5 y 7

El Coche

Calle Azagador de Alboraya 16

Bus: 11, 26, 6 / Metro: 4